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Some people who have contracted COVID are now suffering from what is being termed Long COVID, a chronic debilitative post-viral syndrome.

There are many reports of people still suffering after having had COVID – they can’t seem to get back to normal. They struggle with lingering symptoms long after testing negative for the virus. Reports of fatigue, joint/ muscle pain, and cognitive difficulties are standard. 


New research confirms what clinicians of Traditional Chinese Medicine have known: that acupuncture can help calm the inflammation associated with chronic post-coronavirus symptoms.

Viruses are responsible for many long-term illnesses. We know a virus causes chronic fatigue syndrome as it has been documented by Master physicians who wrote texts as long as 3,000 years ago outlining how to treat the epidemics sweeping through Asia at the time successfully.

In the 21st Century, POST-COVID Symptoms Vary Widely from Person to Person. Symptoms of post-viral syndromes include:

  • Fatigue that is persistent & often worse with activity

  • Unrefreshing sleepWaking up exhausted after a full night of sleep

  • Cognitive/neurological problems Difficulty remembering things, poor concentration, brain fog, inability to process new information

  • Muscle or joint pain

  • Digestive symptoms Nausea, diarrhoea and/or constipation

  • Increased sensitivity  to light, smell, or sound

  • Racing heartbeat

  • Headaches

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Are you or someone you love suffering from long-term fatigue symptoms?

All AcuCentre Clinics are able to treat people with long COVID Fatigue under this package.

Fatigue is often the most common and pronounced symptom post the COVID Virus. Fatigue often follows a viral infection, but people usually bounce back. This fatigue is persistent and often worsens after even light exercise or performing simple tasks. It can be so bad that people will skip bathing or preparing meals because it takes too much effort.

Other symptoms that COVID can bring on include insomnia, anxiety or depression. These are not usually directly caused by the virus, but result from the atmosphere of prolonged uncertainty we are currently experiencing in learning how to adapt to living with COVID. 

Research shows that some people develop long-term symptoms because their Cytokines which are inflammatory markers are staying elevated, which indicates the immune system is continually operating in overdrive. Many patients with post-viral syndromes will exhibit these high cytokine levels, meaning the body thinks it is still sick. 

Conventional medicine doesn’t have much to offer these people. Some doctors conclude there is nothing wrong with these patients because test results are often not conclusive. 

Acupuncture Successfully Treats Post-Viral Syndromes

Modern research backs up traditional practices. A recent study demonstrated acupuncture as very effective in calming the cytokine storm of an out-of-control immune system. It also showed acupuncture worked extremely well when used as a preventative treatment.

We still don’t know the full long-term consequences of COVID-19. As a result of this virus, some people report experiencing post-viral syndrome for six months or more

AcuCentre has developed a post-COVID Fatigue Recovery Package that is brought on a month-by-month package and is dependent on an individual’s recovery rate.

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