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Women's Health


Ching works alongside Western practitioners to help prepare women in preparation for the IVF programme.


A multicenter randomized controlled trial was conducted in Australia and New Zealand. Women were eligible if they were aged 18-42 years, undergoing a fresh IVF cycle and not using acupuncture.  Adjusted analyses by per protocol found a significant positive change for the acupuncture group for the general health MOS Short Form 36 (SF36) domain (MD 2.6, 95% CI 0.5-4.7, P = 0.01) following embryo transfer. The benefit was not sustained at 14 weeks (MD 0.1, 95% CI −2.7 to 2.9). (This study was funded by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia (project grant APP 1003661) and first published in December 2018).


Women who have endured repeated miscarriages can also benefit from acupuncture treatments.


Through strengthening the body's energy balance and increasing blood circulation many women have succeeded in carrying their baby's full term, after a series of acupuncture treatments.


Ching can also create individual treatment programmes for people with stress, depression, low energy, anxiety, insomnia and with cigarette and drug addictions.


Of all the alternative therapies acupuncture has been shown in controlled scientific studies to be one of the most effective in treating hormonal disturbances.


Acupuncture used to regulate the menstrual cycle can reduce unwanted problems and can cause significant improvement to disrupted cycles. In pregnancy, it can relieve morning sickness, high blood pressure, varicose veins, fluid retention, backache, pelvic pain and insomnia, reducing the need for drugs. It can also be used to induce labour or assist in turning a breech presentation. Cases of postnatal depression and lowered energy levels have also been helped by acupuncture treatments.

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