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  • Warms and tonifies energy and blood
  • Energy tonic and stimulant, promote metabolism
  • Nourishes blood and regulates menstruation

(25NZD after adding GST)

Shi Quan Da Bu Wan (十全大补丸)

GST Included |
    • Rehmannia glutinosa (shu di huang, processed rehmannia, 熟地黄)
    • Angelica sinensis (dang gui, 当归)
    • Codonopsis pilosula (dang shen, codonopsis, 党参)
    • Paeonia alba (bai shao, white peony, 白芍)
    • Atractylodes macrocephala(bai zhu, atractylodes, 白术)
    • Poria cocos (fu lin, hoelen, 茯苓)
    • Astragalus membranaceous (huang qi, astragalus, 黄芪)
    • Ligusticum wallichi (chuan xiong, cnidium, 川芎)
    • Glycyrrhiza uralensis (gan cao, licorice, 甘草)
    • Cinnamomum cassia (rou gui, cinnamon bark, 肉 桂)


    • Low energy, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis
    • Post-virus conditions
    • Cold hands and feet, low blood pressure
    • Chronic non-healing ulcers and sores
    • Short periods, anemia
    • Pre-menopause
    • Supportive treatment for cancers
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